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Node.js Vs React.js: Deciding What to Choose


Before we begin the comparison and analysis of two of the most powerful web development tools, we need to see the broader perspective, which starts with JavaScript. JavaScript has been the most dominant technology used by developers around the world, getting listed in the top 10 best programming languages for eight years in a row!  

JavaScript: The Origin of Node.js and React.js

With the arrival of JavaScript, we got to take advantage of various tools to build web applications thoroughly, and got introduced to both Node and React in the process. Both of these Java-Script based tools are assets worth having, although they don’t cater to the same needs; Node.js is used for building the app’s server side whereas React.js aids in building the user interface. 

Let us answer some crucial questions:

  • How are Node and React Different?

Node is used by developers for back-end development while React.js is a tool used for front-end development. In terms of development, we can say that they both represent the two flip sides of the same coin. 

  • Can We Use Both Together?

There are a lot of applications which have capitalized on the brilliant idea of using these powerful tools together. You can also combine them to build high load websites, online shopping platforms, data streaming platforms, and much more. 

  • Is Using React.js compulsory for Node.js based App?

It is not a Compulsion to use both the tools together and it is only recommended if you are working on a big project. Using both the tools would also increase your overall project cost. You can replace React.js with Angular or Vue frameworks. 

Making the right choice is crucial for your app’s success and you should determine before implementation whether your app is front-end or back-end reliant. Once you know about which aspect matters more, you can invest accordingly on the right choice.