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Revisiting Classic App Store Games


Revisiting Classic App Store Games

Nowadays the games are all about high quality graphics, sophisticated storylines, multiple features to explore and online mode as well. But once upon a time, there used to be an app store dominated by simplistic games which could engage any user as they were simple to play. Thanks to such games, the app store has become famous across the world and now amasses an unmatched audience everywhere. Let us take a look at some of the amazing classic app store games.

  1.  Fruit Ninja Classic: Developed by Halflbrick Studios, Fruit Ninja Classic is a fun to play game with a basic concept. All you have to do is slice a fruit into half with your hand gestures. The more fruits you slice, the harder the game becomes with multiple fruits popping up your screen. 

  1. Angry Birds Classic: Rovio Entertainment Oyj gained worldwide popularity with this game. At the start, you have to knock down obstacles by launching birds with a slingshot. The game becomes more interesting later on with the introduction of various birds with different abilities. 

  1. Temple Run Classic: A fan favorite, playing Temple Run back in the days was a different kind of quest all along. You had to run and evade obstacles using slide and swipe gestures while a madman chased you through the route. With time, the speed of your run increases, making it harder to evade trees and other obstacles.

  1. Jetpack Joyride: Another endless runner game, Jetpack Joyride lets you play as Barry, who has to keep running across the building with the help of a jetpack. This side scroll game was a certified hit earlier and almost all of us had this game on our phones!

From then till now, the gaming industry has come a far ahead as the likes of PubG, NFS, Among Us and many more have taken the world by storm.