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Top VR Apps You Must Try in 2020


Virtual Reality, which looked way ahead of technology just 5 years ago, is now slowly making its way into the industry through various elements like gaming, videos, and online tours. It is a refreshing experience as it takes the user to a different level of engagement with lively features, virtually transcending a user into different locations.

Since the emergence of VR, many tech giants have tried their hands at VR tech and given some amazing apps accessible all around the world for people to enjoy virtual reality. Here are some of the top apps that you must try for VR:

  1. Within VR

Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk came together to create the mesmerising app named Within VR. It offers one of the finest VR experiences around the world and the quality of Within VR remains hard to match. Whether you have access to web, mobile, or any other console, you can use Within VR which also provides XR and AR experience. Some common platforms where you can see the new content include Android, iOS, DayDream, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, WebVR, Viveport, and Playstation. 

  1. Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR is another unique and distinctive app in itself as it offers users to visit various places in the world from a brand new perspective. It binds the physical world to the virtual one and does a brilliant job in doing that. Thanks to Google Earth VR, visiting tourist destinations is now possible without having to take a single step outside your home. Some of the best features include Google street view database, virtual tourism, the 360-degree globe, and height and area measurement.

  1. VR Space

You would absolutely fall in love with this app as it enables you to explore a charming VR universe like never before. The key features everyone must try out includes a tour of our solar system, stars, planets, and the sun. All you would require to take this larger than life tour is a BR headset. The HD graphics will awe-inspire you and the amazing music and views would amaze you for sure.

  1. GoPro

          GoPro is a handy tool as it helps us capture some experiences which earlier were

harder to capture. In addition to this, it also provides a 360-degree view which gives you a detailed video. Thanks to GoPro, now we can experience the rush of car racing, skydiving, and other adventure sports through a new perspective.