Common pitfalls to avoid in mobile app marketing pyzen technologies

Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Mobile App Marketing

Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Mobile App Marketing

The mobile application market is flooded with thousands of apps daily as companies continuously try to create the best apps which will get them users all across the world. In such a competitive market, each time you launch an app of your own, you need to ensure that your app gets authentic marketing so that it doesn’t get lost in the ocean filled with numerous apps, and users get to know about all its functionalities.

To help you create a unique and effective marketing campaign for your application, we will cover some of the common mistakes you must avoid at all costs.

Insufficient Research
Regardless of what application you are building, you need in-depth research to back you. Research should include a study about similar applications, target audience, the response of the audience to similar applications, and the factors that make your application different when compared to similar applications.

Browser-based Application
Creating an application solely for the browser is the dumbest mistake one can make right now. If you were about to invest in this, you should consider once again. Absolutely no one is likely to prefer an application for a browser when they have a number of applications available on the playstore and other app stores. Further, these apps can be used anywhere anytime, which is not the case with a browser-based application.

Skipping App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization (ASO) is quite important as even if your app is amazing and filled with unique features, it could be a flop if it does not reach the right audience. In order to make your app visible to users, you need to focus on app store optimization, which is essential to draw attention towards your application.

Not Utilizing Social Media
Adding an extra dimension to the ASO campaign, social media marketing can be of great help as a lot of users seem to be more active on various social media platforms as compared to the app stores.

Neglecting Customer Reviews
It has become a common trend among users to first read the customer reviews and then consider whether or not to download an app. Therefore, neglecting customer reviews might result in loss of users. To overcome this, you should address both negative and positive reviews, and optimize your app accordingly to enhance its reputation.

Conclusion: After putting so much effort into building a mobile app, you should also spend some time to create an equally efficient marketing campaign to gain the optimum benefits from your application. Hiring an app marketing agency to do so is the best way of promoting your application through advertising across all platforms.