Creating Custom Shopify Apps with Rails

Creating Custom Shopify Apps with Rails

Customizing the store’s workflow can often become a hassle for Shopify store owners. With access to some powerful features, plugins and handy services can aid in making the task easy and smooth. You can take advantage of the numerous apps available on the Shopify Store to improvise and make your store more appealing.

Why Choose Ruby on Rails?
The question arises due to the availability of many other apps that you think might fulfil the same purpose. The main reason why you should prefer Ruby on Rails over others is because Shopify itself is also built on Ruby on Rails.

Top Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails

Open Source Network: Ruby on Rails is a preferred developing tool all across the globe due to its free of cost availability. Moreover, the web development tool runs on Linux, which is also cost-free, making the tool easy to install and run.

Cost-Effective: Be it creating an interactive website or an indulging application, you always have to reduce your spending to increase the profit. Ruby on Rails delivers promising results, proving to be an important tool for aspiring enterprises.

Speedy Web Development: In the development world, only those thrive who can deliver faster results. Ruby on Rails offers a top-notch speed when it comes to converting coding into function design. Some results show that it takes half the time taken by PHP or Python to completely develop a page.

Multi-Language Support: Even though the platform is based on Ruby, it still supports an array of languages in its back-end. This equips Ruby on Rails to perform across major platforms without any problem. The multi-language support includes some widely used languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.