Essential Features for a Medication App

Essential Features for a Medication App

As we ease towards the pandemic situation and are now seeing a revival of tour and travel, people still prefer to work at home for safety purposes. Thus, it has also become important for all the healthcare providers to keep connected with all their customers even while their customers stay at home.

Making A Medication App: The Procedure

The best way to ensure all the customers have everything available right at their home is through a mobile app which has all important functions included in it. The question which comes to mind for all the healthcare providers is what are all the essential features that need to be considered for an efficient app? We take on this question and present you with the most important features which constitute a multifunctional medication app to keep your customers engaged.

Medication Plan

A detailed medication plan is the center of every efficient and complete medication app. With every important aspect such as instructions, prescribed treatments, dosages, and other valuable insights into a treatment, medication plans can help the patients to keep track of their progress and ensure they are on their way to a healthier life.

Both the doctors and patients can benefit from this feature as on the doctor’s end, it is easier to track and update a specific medication plan according to the patient’s progress, which can also be tracked through the app. Since physical visits have become more difficult since the pandemic hit the world, e-visits can also be considered for dose adjustments and other instructions. A digital medication plan helps to keep both the patients and the healthcare professional on the same page without any hassle.

Medication Reminder

Medication is sometimes more complex than it looks on the surface. It might be easy if there is only one or two medicines involved, but in some cases, it gets really confusing and can cause distress to the patient. Moreover, it gets worse when there is more than one mode of consumption involved. For example, a patient could have a lotion to apply along with some digestive pills. Thus, medication reminders can ease the patients into their recovery as they can rely on the medication app for all reminders.

These reminders shouldn’t only be restricted to when to take the required medicines, but should also reflect the stock left in the patient’s home. This way, the patient can also refill the stock right on time, avoiding any catastrophe that can deter their progression.

Drug Interaction Checker

Drug interaction checker is a vital part of a modern, self-sufficient medication app as it can warn the patient if any new medication is incompatible, and hence, dangerous for the patient. This useful feature can help the patient to avoid any unwanted emergencies in the future.

Especially because several medicines are advised not to be taken together, due to the risk of a potentially harmful reaction. Moreover, the patients can also update their personal conditions such as an allergy or a pregnancy, which can assist the drug interaction checker to update the algorithm further. Drug interaction checker can really make your medication app efficient and optimise a patient’s recovery.

Medication Price/ Location Search

To improve the patient’s recovery experience, your medication app should provide a complete catalogue of the nearest medication centres and medicine prices available around the patients. They can easily purchase new medicines or renew older ones with an online authentic receipt acceptable in any medication centre. They can also check and verify the prices beforehand through the app for further simplification. A GPS based search is a basic requirement for every medication app user and must not be ignored by any who is building a medication app.

Prescription Renewal

As time has become very important in the modern age, with loads of tasks to do throughout the day, the app needs to be up to date to catch up to this trend. With prescription renewal online, you eliminate the wastage of time which is otherwise unavoidable as the patient has to go on a compulsory visit to the healthcare professionals, just for a simple renewal of their prescription. Prescriptions can also be updated online with ease by the doctor and approved as well.

Hence, before you go on to consult any for a medication app, you should know the requirements which make up for a perfect medication app in accordance with the modern-day audience and their needs.