iOS Mobile Apps Important Push Notifications Strategy

iOS Mobile Apps: Important Push Notifications Strategy

A lot of Apple device users who remain unaccustomed to numerous distinctive features offered by these devices. One such feature that remains less explored is push notification. Both users and developers fail to utilize the maximum out of push notifications while using iOS.

Push notifications are different from alerts as they come in the form of badges, sounds, and other shaped notifications. These are extremely helpful in keeping you updated about recent occurrences in your apps. Here are some strategies that can be implemented for push notifications in iOS mobile apps:

Custom Content Addition: This feature enables the user to quickly check out information through taping a simple notification icon, which extends to the complete information upon this tap. This process can be done without the need to unlock the phone, providing the users with complete control and speed.

Custom Actions: Through custom actions, you can make your apps respond in a different manner when the user clicks on the notification of your apps. For example, if a blog post through your app pops up and the user clicks it, you can take the user to a sales pitch while loading the blog post.

Notification Threads: By default, iOS links all the notifications of a single app into one thread. This can be altered and the user can easily divide these threads into various categories which can be explored through the notifications without any hassle. This feature enhances the app’s quality while saving time.