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Ruby on Rails Learn about the Pros and Cons

Ruby on Rails: Learn about the Pros and Cons

There is no debating about which is the best development framework around as it may depend on your individual requirements. What you absolutely need to know is that regardless of how powerful and versatile a software is, each of them have their own sets of pros and cons. Let us take a look at some crucial pros and cons of Ruby on Rails.

Pros of Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is a reliable tool when it comes to the development niche. With its better quality code libraries paired with a unique approach to software, Ruby on Rail is a good value for money platform which you can undoubtedly trust.

Libraries: The publicly available libraries offered by Ruby on Rails literally give wings to your imagination as no matter what your app idea is, the libraries can provide you sufficient support to convert the ideas into an app.

Code Quality: As compared to the PHP and NodeJS equivalents, the quality you get through Ruby codes can be of a higher degree in all aspects.

Test Automation: Ruby on Rails aids you in creating better software through enhanced testing and test automation services.

Large Community: Spread all around the world, the Ruby on Rails community is a large one which helps you with insights on all topics, making coding easy.

Cons of Ruby on Rails

Runtime Speed: Even though the tool is power packed and has many advantages, it is considered to be rather slow as compared to its competitors. Judging by the high speed standards of the industry, we can say that it’s easy paced rather than slow.

Documentation: For specific gems and libraries, it becomes a difficult task for finding good documentations on Ruby on Rails.

Multithreading: Rails supports multithreading and yet, there are a lot of performance issues if requests get queued up. That means you have to pay attention to the IO libraries you use.