Top Development Tools 2021 Edition

Top Development Tools: 2021 Edition

Top Development Tools are the only means to stay ahead in such competitive and unpredictable times when the internet continues to evolve. When the next trends and technologies remain unknown, the best you can do is to remain equipped with the latest tools.

Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the most amazing tools which you must have in your toolbox right now:


It’s a dream come true for online businesses if they get vital infographics of their customers. IPstack does exactly that by locating and identifying visitors with an IP address. The five modules; namely currency module, location module, connection module, security module, and the time-zone module are of equal importance.


Code editing becomes fun when you have a powered-up tool like VSCode with you. It’s a free of cost open source code editor which comes with inbuilt Git commands! What more does a developer need? Time consuming tasks such as debugging are not a tough hurdle with VSCode.


In search of an all in one tool for creating APIs? Get rid of all your problems at once with Postman. It allows users to access features that include API client, automated testing, app mock, monitor, and more! Even though it isn’t free, the potential it has nullifies the small amount you have to pay for it.


Docker is another stunning web development tool as it allows you to build, test, and deploy applications under a single virtual roof. It comes packed with a plethora of development tools which make almost every aspect of developing a lot easier.

Sublime Text

Sublime text is rightfully said to be the best text editing tool in the market. It provides ease-of-use for fixing and creating a text and has a friendly interface to keep you away from boredom while altering your texts. Once you get the hang of all of it’s commands, you can make the entire development procedure lightning fast.