Top E-Commerce Business Intelligence Tools to Choose

Top E-Commerce Business Intelligence Tools to Choose

Asking the right questions has become one of the fundamentals of implementing any procedure in the corporate sector. We can label a company ‘great’ only if it has the right tools to formulate accurate questions and then have the tools and techniques to search for the perfect answers as well as act upon them.

This is where BI tools step in and accommodate businesses regardless of whether they are small-size or large-size. The problem is that the task is much more complex than it looks. With a multitude of business intelligence tools to choose from, you might not pay attention to what type of tools you require and end up not getting any profit from them. Thus, we will now take a quick look at the best BI tools as of today and talk about their unique advantages.


Tableau has established itself as one of the most popular data analytics solutions, and widely considered to be the second best after Power BI. The most advantageous aspect of Tableau is it’s easy-to-use interface, allowing even non-technical users to create custom dashboards without any hassle.

With simple drag and drop modules, users benefit the most from Tableau’s data visualisation. You can easily analyze data and also get to integrate the analyzed data to an existing data infrastructure for further optimization of your business.

Microsoft Power BI

We won’t go further into the whole ‘Tableau vs Power BI’ debate as it has become a never ending topic of discussion. Microsoft Power BI is an extremely influential tool for all businesses as it comes with an unmatched speed and efficiency.

Coming with a free desktop version which makes it easily accessible makes it a force to reckon with. Even though there are some storage restrictions in the free version, it is completely functionable and hence an asset to the smaller business.


Looker is a BI tool similar to both Power BI and Tableau to an extent, but also has some individualistic benefits to offer companies. It comes equipped with its own language in the form of LookML, which makes it easy for beginners to use. Its search functionality features also make searching for data a smoother process.