Top-Notch Android Libraries For Developers

Top-Notch Android Libraries For Developers

Libraries are simply the greatest assets for developers as they include important features such as configuration data, help data, message templates, pre-written codes, documentation, and much more.

Best Android Libraries for You

With these libraries, you can enhance and speed up the entire process of web and app development while saving valuable resources and time. Let us take a look:

Dagger 2: Dagger 2 is a great Dependency Injector Library which majorly relies on using Java annotation processors. What makes Dagger 2 extremely useful is that it does not suffer from limitations like the other Java Dependency Injector Libraries.
Another reason for using Dagger 2 is the advantage it provides in the form of ease of access towards shared instances.

Retrofit: If you are searching for a networking library, you shouldn’t look further than Retrofit. With Retrofit, you don’t have to endure the lengthy task of making the network request through Async task class.
Whether it is changing headers and endpoints or adding query parameters, you can rely on Retrofit for all of them.

Picasso: One of the best image loading libraries you can find comes in the form of Picasso. Image loading libraries are important for removing errors caused due to loading multiple images at the same time.
Picasso is a trusted android image library which assists you in inserting as many images as you like, without any damage to the app or website.

Zxing: Scanning features are the newest set of ‘must-include’ features that you need to have in your apps. Zxing, an acronym for zebra crossing, is perfect for implementing this task without any hassle.
Regardless of whether you require support for 1D product, 1D industrial, or 2D barcodes, you can count on Zxing.