Top reasons why flutter is the future of app development

Top Reasons Why Flutter is the Future of App Development

Top Reasons Why Flutter is the Future of App Development

Whether a company requires an iOS app or an Android app for business purposes, it needs to consider investing in . As a free and open source framework managed and designed by Google, Flutter is already a top contender for best frameworks in app development.

Why Choose Flutter?
As compared to other app development frameworks, Flutter offers numerous advantages to users, opening tons of portals that can benefit their business. Backed up by an amazing community all around the globe, Flutter also boasts of a powerful native performance along with a unique flexibility which you can also witness through our . What makes Flutter’s presence authoritative is the fact that it is backed up by Google, a source which doesn’t need any introduction. Here are some advantages that users can avail while choosing Flutter:

Speedy Development: If you are searching for a faster method to create your mobile apps, you can confidently trust on Flutter. It is devised to help users throughout the development process, and you can also see instant changes on your device through the Hot Reload feature. Fixing bugs and experimentations also become quicker with Flutter.

Ease of Learning: Flutter is easy to learn and master, making it one of the favorite development frameworks for beginners, as they can get started in no time. With Flutter, simple tasks don’t need much documentation, making it time savory for beginners as well.

Helpful Plugins: Plugins are what every developer wishes for. They are of great assistance when it comes to adding features to your code as with plugins, you don’t have to write the code from scratch. With Flutter, you get to benefit from the various plugins, widgets, and packages as well.

Enhanced Performance: Thanks to the foundations of C++, C, Skia, and Dart, Flutter has turned out to deliver exceptional performance, be it for iOS or Android development. Moreover, Flutter doesn’t require an interpreter, making it a reliable hybrid framework drawback.

Top-Notch Flutter App Development Tools to Use

There are a plethora of tools that further help you to get the best out of flutter, giving you another reason why to choose flutter for your development projects. To get the best out of this highly efficient framework, there are some tools that we suggest you to use:

Panache: Trusted by all developers alike, Panache is an extremely helpful tool. If you need to make personalized material themes for any of your Flutter apps, Panache should be your go-to option.

Codemagic: When it comes to enhancing the overall app development procedure, you can turn to Codemagic and get rid of all your worries at once. Its automation features allows hassle-free creation and testing of any product.

Supernova: Supernova assists you in building UI code for with ease. Users also get to see real-time changes when using Supernova and Flutter side-by-side, giving them a better image of how the final product will look.

Test Magic: Whether you require testing of Android beta releases or are looking for a free mobile app for deploying iOS beta releases, you can rely on Test Magic. Moreover, you can also connect it with Codemagic, making development way easier.

Appetize: Appetize is an online based tool which provides excellent results for. With Appetize, you get increased speed for launching your apps on both Android as well as iOS platforms.