User Testing Games Important Things to Know

User Testing Games: Important Things to Know

If this is your first time launching a game, you need to focus on all the important areas to be sure you don’t end up launching an application filled with errors. Games are a decent way of engaging your audience and generating revenue for your business. For this, you need to induce the users to purchase the whole game, buy credits, or unlock various locations/characters.

What Makes User Testing Important?

If you have a unique game with graphics and characters that stand out amidst others, you might be wondering why waste time on user testing. User testing helps you put up a packed performance on the play stores by ensuring your in-game features are free of errors.
It also gives you an insight to how your game will perform in the play store and the general reaction it would arouse from the customers all around the world. If you want your game to be a hit in the marketplace, the one absolutely important thing is to complete its user testing first.

User Testing: Things to Consider

To be efficient in user testing, all you need to do is focus on these vital factors:

Platform and Version: As you can apply user testing on all sorts of platforms and versions, you should do the same, especially if your game is available on cross-platforms and multiple OS.

What to Test: Within the gaming application, there are a lot of things that one could test before launching the application. This includes the first-time user experience, the likes and dislikes of the users, the most preferred in-game feature, and so on. The features which require utmost testing consist of tutorials, walkthroughs and gameplay.

User Behaviour: Through user testing, you get to know at what level your users drop off, the specific features concerning them, and any glitch countered by them in the game. Keeping the outcomes in mind, you can then modify your game to get the optimum benefits.