Using Laravel Framework Some Pros and Cons

Using Laravel Framework: Some Pros and Cons

We all know that no framework can truly be considered perfect and flawless,but with so many useful aspects of , Laravel Framework might be a deserving nominee for an exception. Even though it has its unique set of pros and cons, there is no denying that it is a top-notch solution for many problems businesses all around the world face in web development processes.

Laravel Framework: Why Choose Laravel?
Created by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is an extremely useful tool which comes in the form of an open-source PHP web framework. It is famous around the developers community due to its simple yet innovative functionality, and is also preferred by us as an experienced .
Laravel is a one-stop solution for developers as it provides futuristic tools for coding to make the entire procedure easier. If you are looking for a backend framework to provide the best web based solutions to your clients, Laravel should be your preferred choice.

Pros and Cons of Using Laravel
As we mentioned earlier, Laravel, like every other framework has both advantages as well as disadvantages. Let us take a look at both aspects of Laravel:

Pros of Laravel Framework
PHP Framework
PHP allows you to embed your code into HTML and that is why Laravel is the right choice for those using PHP. It offers a plethora of tools to choose from for PHP, helping you enhance your development solutions.
MVC Architectural Pattern
Built upon the MVC architectural pattern, Laravel ensures that users can easily prevent any sort of incomprehensible architectural form.
Laravel provides you hassle-free routing which is a special feature as it allows you to route your applications to the appropriate controller in a simple manner.

Cons of Laravel Framework
Minimised Inbuilt Support
Due to Laravel being a lightweight and simplistic framework, users don’t get much when it comes to the inbuilt support. With tools like Django and Ruby on Rails available, this does put Laravel on the backfoot.

Comparatively New Framework
Even though it is a powerful tool, its comparatively late launch causes it to be used less frequently than the other dominating tools.
Upgradation Issues
This issue cannot be specifically aimed at Laravel as upgrade issues have been common with all frameworks recently. Several updates can be the cause of minor problems which lead to disruption in projects.

Why Choose Laravel Over Other Frameworks?
The multiple functionalities are sufficient for us, a , to overlook the cons of Laravel framework and choose it for numerous projects. From the high security and enhanced performance offered by Laravel, to the easy database migration and blade templating feature makes it a fan favourite here at Pyzen Technologies.
Programming any web application becomes not only easy, but more entertaining and fun with Laravel’s adequate functions, as we can focus on ideas and implementation rather than spending more time on solving technical puzzles within the code. Thanks to it, we also offer , delivering stunning results that amaze clients every time!